Love your Sister or Brother?

February 22, 2007 8:57pm CST
I feel it now,Because of I don't have a sister or brother. do u love your brother or sister? do u live together after being marriage? do u ever separated out and walk away from one another? do u find him or her after a long time and give a hugs? do u? do u?
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@ssh123 (31096)
• India
28 Nov 07
Ours is a big family. In India, the family bondage is so good and lovely, hardly anyone wants to stay away from other family members. I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters and they all live in the same city, though they are married and having their children. We meet each other once a week or fortnight and have lunches and dinners and definitely all of us meet during festivals. It is well experienced of this relationship than said.
• Indonesia
4 Mar 07
hmmmm, I just have sisters if I have a brother maybe will love my brother because I dont understand the girl ( my sister ) {^^;)
4 Mar 07
I have one sister and feel we are quite close. We dont spend every waking moment together but we do see each other quite often and if not we phone or e-mail just to say hi and check everything is ok. We are lucky in that our husbands also get on and share an interest in the local football team. I am very lucky to have a sister like her and would hate it if she was to move away and I couldnt see her.
• United States
26 Feb 07
I have two half sisters and one brother. I care about my one sister but the other I barely have any affection for.My brother and I used to be real close,we were friends as well as brothers but he has changed.He's like a stranger to me now.I still love him but now he's just a brother. He always saying things to hurt me,acting like I don't have any feelings.
@Zamboni (160)
• Canada
23 Feb 07
To be honest ...I have one brother and thats all he is.I mean..I except him cause he is family.If he were to be one of my friends I would of gotten rid of him along time ago.I except him only because we are family.