what is the point of life?

February 22, 2007 9:47pm CST
Chance encounters and constant permutations... formless forms like rushing water through a silhoutte of dreams. Nothing defies truth as much as irony does, which is a different kind of truth. Can you catch yourself before you crossfade the lines into your life, and you embody the role of the slave. Slave to chance and circumstances, master of your own illusion but enslaved by its vision. Don't spend a lifetime trying to feel just so that you can believe you're alive... that is the flame to the moth existence in us.... and yet, without the fire, there is nothing to burn, and if there is nothing to burn, there is nothing to cleanse, and with anything we are stuck with absolutely nothing. So where is the axis that tilts in favor of that perilous journey to wake up in the next dream? How do you incorporate truth in your mind when it contradicts all you know and feel? What is the course of this entangling monologue? Not the point nor the final punctuation... but the read... the story. You will never be a part of the story if you don't make it your story... your life. Then you will never live life if you haven't felt alive. And you can never ever be alive without the flame.... but the flame is an illusion. what about life? We are all connected both mentally and atomically. Like splitting a quantum particle... each half will behave exactly the same no matter how far away.... each half will react the same eventhough only one was stimulated. We affect each other and co-create this dream, and unfortunately suffering is a necessary evil for life. And necessary evil is our creation to give life to a greater entity of light. For neutral is death, motion is life... and i have no idea where i'm going with this. lol. thanks for reading though. =p
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@senses (840)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
Living here on earth tells us that we have purpose in life, we have just to seek and find out what is our purpose of existence.
• United States
23 Feb 07
I recommend reading the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Its a great book.