Free webbased emial boxes, a magnet for unmanageable spam

@sharone74 (4838)
United States
October 14, 2006 11:34am CST
I have found that "free" web based email servers often make their money from selling your user information to marketing companies. Also the emails that you so carefully mark spam, and which they assure you will be added to your blacklist and blocked, if they came from your email server itself, Good luck! Those same email adresses will be back in your inbox before you know it. Due to the fact that they buy your email adress from the email server the spam report also goes absolutely nowhere. So what do you do to avoid this endless email spam cycle? Simple, set up your spam filters and make them ultra general (example) I hate those gift card offers that no matter how much you try you will never fulfill all of their bs requirements and actually receive a $500 giftcard, not without spending $600 or more on their sponsored offers to get it! So I set up my spam filters to filter out the words "gift cards" "free" promotional" and "incentive". Now that I have set those up on my email boxes I don't get nearly as many free giftcard offers. I also did the same for life insurance quotes and credit card offers. I listed out the most commonly used words from both the sender id and the subject line and then just add them to my filter list. It may be time consuming to set up the filters just right but it is also time consuming to mark all those emails as spam, and frustrating as heck to find them right back in your inbox the next day.
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@vipul20044 (5797)
• India
24 Oct 06
Hey most of them i know is spam I get all such kind of stuff in my spam folder