Which is your Favourite Hero In Dota-Warcraft

My Fav Hero in Dota - Centaur Warchief is one of the best strength heros in dota.......is strength is 3.3/lvl......one who has a mega stun for around 2.5 sec........centuar is one of the heros which is used to tank(take damage from opp heros).A mighty hero of dota.....
February 23, 2007 1:31am CST
Hi ppl.....tell me ur Favourite Hero in dota......i think there r around 80-90 heros....my fav hero is warchief.......wats urs???
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@leonraks (38)
• Philippines
30 Aug 07
My most favourite hero on DotA!? hmmnn...? dunno...!? but i like range heroes they have the advantage on the early game, just be a good DotA player and all the heroes would be cool!
• Philippines
30 Aug 07
i love nevermore....;p i can say that i just started using that character a few mos. ago but i fell in love... hehe LOL
• Philippines
31 Aug 07
Nevermore my love for you would change... ^_^
@Remo_Raj (14)
4 Apr 07
warcheif is a slow mover he wont be effective with ranged heros unless u have a blink.my favourate is motred no one can kill her one on one with coorect build.
• Philippines
28 Aug 07
mortred can be killed 1 on 1 by using atropos... ^^ with this guy mortred will have no room for improvement.. shell be a sitting duck to atropos on a 1 on 1 battle.
• India
2 Sep 07
Well, my favourite hero in dota is now Naix. Thats because I like my enemies to be permabashed and totally helpless. Well, there are heros with bash, but you have to increase their attack speed, and equip them with lifesteal. So, I decided why not use a hero who has both very high attack speed and Lifesteal, and equip him with bash? Its working very fine with me. And theres Avatar, 20 seconds immunity to most spells, and 20 bonus damage(not much though). Hes totally cool in late game, but I cant say hes unbeatable, cos every hero has his weakness' and strengths. But if played properly, most of his weakness, like low hp, and low base damage can be covered.
• Philippines
4 Apr 07
Kardel Sharpeye is the best!!!!! But now I'm playing -ar.
• Malaysia
3 Apr 07
I don't have fix favorite hero. Because 99% of the time i play AR. Troll warlord will be my priority if i happen to play ap.