Google Screws... have you ever been in your opinion been screwed over by Google

United States
February 23, 2007 1:33am CST
Google wants to the big the king of all search engines for the advertisnig revenue. Big money for everyone in the contextual advertising revenue sharing. But, as soon as you start making money, Google sends you a notice to your email. YOU have been deactivated for CLICK FRAUD. Sure, there are those who did not read the TOS and told there friends to click on there ads or even clicked there own ads. Well, that was a newbie's mistake. But, what about the experienced marketer doing things the right way according to Googles TOS. Google has not put a safe guard for click fraud. They could, but why havn't they. They rather deactivate your account and not pay you, then implement a safe guard from click fraund. Fair Ads Network is in pre-launch and needs 10,000 beta testers. An alternative to Google Adsense. Four Ways to make money. No one will ever loose there account for click fraund. With millions of marketers and companies advertising there products and services, here is everyone opportunity to catch the new wave. Step up to the plate and get in the know. Become a FAN member.
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