People still tolerate abusing by life partners

February 23, 2007 2:12am CST
Abusing should never be tolerated. Whether it is physical or verbal. Husband or wife. It should be nipped in the bud. Even once is too much. It should not be beyond the attempt level. Resist it with all your power. There is an old saying in our country, 'Cat scratches only the soft ground'. I think those who tolerate suffer from inferiority complex. They think that without their partner, they will be finished. They are scared to face the world. I don't think that love and abusing can go together. If there is abusing, there is lack of love. Whatever is there is only a compromising solution and that also one sided. How long can it be like that? Instead of making your life miserable, make your partner's life unbearable. One must realise the wrong doings.
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@anup12 (4179)
• India
23 Feb 07
Yes compromise sometimes take the front seat and everything else goes into the back seat.I think it should not be tolerated much.
@ESKARENA1 (18297)
23 Feb 07
i agree absolutely, the first time one partner rases a hand to another, the one who is hit must leave because the chances are it will get worse not better.