Can you imagine yourself losing a parent?

February 23, 2007 3:28am CST
Have you ever lost a parent? My friend's mom passed away recently. Then it hit me, not long from now the same thing is going to happen to me. Sometimes I ask myself, "what if it happens to me?" I know that this will eventually happen and I want to be prepared for it but could we really be PREPARED for something like this?
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@edujccz (929)
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
Yes, life is like that it comes when we are not prepared making more harder for us to accept. Well I lost my mom when I was a year old, and as I grew up, ilong for her whenever i see freinds happy with their families. However, it made me a man as strong as I am and sometimes, i dont know how to cry anymore.
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
I'm sorry to hear that. I can't imagine myself without my mother. I guess it's because she has been there when I was growing up eventhough I was left with the nanny most of the time.
@cherriemae (3374)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
i cannot imagine losing my parent..they are my strength and they are always there to give me comfort the time that i'm pregnant and my coward cheater boyfriend leaves parents are still there to give me a hug and support until now that i dont still have stable's so sad about what happened to you friend..i'm sure, she's like a bird that having loose her one's so sad but life must go on..
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
Families will always be there for us. I learned that the hard way. I've been through a lot but losing a parent must be the worse yet.