February 23, 2007 4:04am CST
Europeans are very worried about pollution and urban mobility!In town many people complain of a poor quality of life:air pollution,noise pollution.And yet,the numbers of cars is increasing...wath do you think about tahat?...Thanks! ;)
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@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
23 Feb 07
Well you have a choice. Either go out or stay at home. Besides there are ways to make cars safer for the environment. For instance, how about a discount for hybrid cars and how about designing hybrid cars for families instead of just one or two people? How about hybrid mini vans? We could make the shopping centers closer so people can walk to them rather than have to take the car. We could make public transportation cheaper, etc.
• India
23 Feb 07
This problem is not only belong to europian this is problem of planet.We can beat it by reducing the use use of fuell like petrol n desil. we have to use cars if n only if we need this n somtthing urgent is there. N also we have to grow tree n save forest avoid nuclear wars.