How would you keep a chicken's egg unbroken after a great fall?

February 23, 2007 4:22am CST
We have a project in our Materials Science. Our project is to think and create any device or material with which we could place an egg into it and would prevent the chicken's egg from breaking or shattering after it would be released from the seventh floor of our school building. The material will be tested thrice. If the egg does not break or shatter after it falls for the third time, then we would be given a grade of 1.0 Would you mind to help me? It's really very important.
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• Australia
23 Feb 07
i thought alot.. and im not sure how well will this work but how about a box with a liquid of density more then the egg ( i cant think of which liquid ) but a liquid that would keep the egg afloat and then u put the egg and the liquid into a container, you could put some sponge on all the sides of the box, really soft sponge and then close the box. the liquid would prevent the egg from hittin the downside of the box when it falls no matter which side it falls on and the sponge would prevent it from hittin the other sides... do tell me if this helps.
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• Philippines
23 Feb 07
Thank you for the idea. It helps me in deciding what to do and where to place the egg for it not to break. Thank you very much and have a nice day.
• Australia
24 Feb 07
ur welcome.. but once u are done with the project do let me know how did u do it and also wat ur friends did about it and what ur teachers suggested. im really interested in knowing whats on other peoples mind about this project ;)