Why do some people ask dumb questions?

February 23, 2007 5:49am CST
I don't know why some people ask questions that are so dumb that sometimes the answer is already quite obvious. How do you react when you get asked with a very stupid question? I really find it annoying and a total waste of time. Sometimes when I feel really annoyed, I tell them how stupid their question is or I ask them what kind of a question is that but when I'm not that annoyed I just laugh at them. How about you? ^^ Tell me about it!
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@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
23 Feb 07
Well..my Mother once told me, there are no stupid questions. But if you mean people on mylot posting questions like "What's your favorite color" or other lame overused questions like that, then yes I agree they're incredibly stupid. I usually just ignore those type of discussions because mylot will eventually get around to deleting them..and if I replied to that discussion once they did delete it, I'd lose a point. Which is worthless. It annoys me occasionally too..but ah well, my "devil may care" atittude eventually erasesthe annoyance so it doesnt mother me too much ^_^
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
Oh okay, Thanks for the response! ^^
• Philippines
24 Mar 07
haha! it happens most of the time to anybody. people ask dumb questions for the sake of just having something to tell or ask. and i think those dumb questions they ask don't really bother them at all if you answer them or not. i just remember a situation like this from last month. lol! XD