have you hear about nithary killing?

@jimfabo (327)
February 23, 2007 10:14am CST
Its bit late.. but i wondering how many of you remmember NITHARY KILLING? I am still can not think how can a human can be so cruel to children and how can a human can eat another human MEAT? This is not Hollywood/Bollywood movie's story but its happen in India, at Nithary village and C.B.I. found around 300 body's bone at Nithary. Let's pray for those who are dead because of those two psyco.
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• India
23 Feb 07
i think Nithari killings shows till what level a human can manifest his beastly side! it has crossed all the limits of the ghastly act a man can perform!according to CBI these serial killings were pre-meditated and committed for sadistic pleasure with innocent school-going kids. later on their meat were consumed along with Koli's special guests. Even the local police has shown apathy and indifference in reporting the complaints of the missing children from the nithari village. Yes, we should pray for those innocent victims so that their soul may rest in peace!Amen!
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@maribel1218 (3085)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
This was the first time I ever encounter nithary killing I was never been aware of that. You mean this is a true story that someone eat 300 body oh!!! my gosh! No matter how little knowledge I had to this event surely I will pray for the 300 lives that was wasted because of those guilty pscyho who eats them.
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