You know that feeling you get when your head explodes?

@Demonix (294)
February 23, 2007 10:21am CST
catchy title eh? this discussion is not actually about exploding heads but questions and comments that I find retarted that are used all too often what brought this on? you guessed it I was talking with one of my friends the other day and they were complaining about a headache and they brought it up by actally asking that same question now of course being the way I am I had to actually answer, "no Im sorry my head hasn't actually exploded recently enough to really remember that kind of feeling" Its comments like that that kind of get to me and they happen so often that its kind of annoying another example, Im unemployed for those who didnt know and of course due to that I have creditors calling me every day and of course I tell them i'm unemployed and not able to pay the bills at this time, now I know its their job to try and suck all the money I have out of me but come on, when im telling them every day "no I dont have a job yet, no I can't pay it yet" do they really need to send me a weekly letter actually saying "We beleive you are employed and in a position to pay this bill" when they talk to me every day to find out im not? And when I'm at the bus stop, now theres only two busses that go by my place here, the regular route and the after hours route that runs when the regular route stops, and I'm standing there waiting for the bus and maybe once a week someone will approach me as I'm waiting there and actually ask me if the bus has come yet, so of course I get this overwhelming urge to say yes it came but I wanted the next one instead, but rather than messing with the head of a perfect stranger I just bite my tounge Its not just things like that its sayings that some people use every day like "you can't have your cake and eat it too" whats the point of having a cake that you can't eat? Im gonna stop now before I go into a full fleged rant... So anyways raise your hand if stupid or retardted questions and comments get to you too, and since noone can see you raise your hand online here lol, once you put your hand down go ahead and post your reply, what does everyone else think about these things?
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