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February 23, 2007 11:58am CST
Last week was my birthday (Feb 15) i just turned 20! I got the nintendo Wii for my birthday! It is pretty cool. I was wondering if anyone else has the nintendo wii and what they think about it? Does anyone know of any new applications for the wii in the works for the near future? What do you think about the virtual console? I think the games graphics sucks but hoepfully they will fix it
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@krebstar5 (1266)
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1 Mar 07
I absolutely adore my nintendo wii. As someone who was not a very good video game player before, I've found that the wii is really easy to either just pick up and play or to learn on. I haven't been reading up on the new channels much yet because I do not have a wireless connection for my nintendo wii, but there seems to be new stuff coming out all the time. I did hear something about a Wii Vote channel where you get to vote in a poll and then see how the vote results are all over the world where they have wiis. As for your problem with the graphics, I'm really not sure how much that is going to change. The Nintendo Wii just isn't powerful enough to read really complex and detailed graphics. IT doesn't bother me too much though, because Legend of Zelda looks pretty good to me and I actually like the more cartoony games anyway. So really, if you are looking for realism, you might be better off with an Xbox 360. The wii is more about innovative gameplay and accessibility, and that's fine by me. Congrats on your new nintendo wii and I hope you enjoy playing on it.
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27 Feb 07
i own on and i think it is great. They are coming out with a Demo Channel were u will be able to download demos of games. The final version of the internet channel is coming out in march. I love the virtual console and 3 games wii-kly. the graphics aren't that bad in zelda and someother games like need for speed carbon but nintendo wii is more about gameplay