Need help on getting husband to dance

United States
February 23, 2007 12:15pm CST
I love to dance it's a time for me to let loose but my husband refuses to dance with me when we go out and he gets jealous if I dance with anyone else. I would really like hime to just try it. Going out is starting to not be fun anymore and I have three children I need some stress relief. Help
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@ukchriss (2103)
24 Feb 07
Are there any dance classes you could both go to? Maybe he is just lacking in confidence? Do you go out with friends, if so do they both dance? Do you dance at home? maybe he would like to practice? Could you maybe go out dancing with some girlfriends one night a month? Yes, I have lots of questions but sorry no real answer.
@nancygibson (3736)
• France
23 Feb 07
I do sympathise, mine feels very self concious when dancing too and I'm having to persuade him months in advance to dance with me at least once at my brothers wedding later in the year. My solution is to go to a dance class by myself twice a week, so he can't feel put upon by it. I do bellydance which is fab for the figure and makes you feel so feminine, its really wonderful
@sedel1027 (17860)
• Cupertino, California
23 Feb 07
Is there a reason he won't dance? Is he not comfortable or doesn't know how? You should sign up for couples dancing classes. This would get you both out of the house, get some exercise and teach him how to dance.