In Truth or Beyond

February 23, 2007 12:35pm CST
We live in a time of beautiful lies and shattered dreams, a time with no content only societal standards, a time where we are no longer true to life or ourselves; how tragic. Of course there will be many readers not able to understand certain concepts, and of course those are primarily the same whom inhabit a defiled conscious.... In essence, I ask, how many of you are being true inside?...knowing the definition of truth I ask myself the same....Are you content or only within societal standards?...Acknowledging life in all its beauty is the most precious thing, are you, am I, treating it the way it should be treated?....More over what is truth to life now?...What is truth to ones being?... I know many of you will answer and try to give explanations, as I said earlier I'm not seeking anyones justification because in the end those justifications are the same as the interminable door that the majority come to walk through... We have only emptiness behind our faces...
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