Does Islam believe in several gods because the Qur’an uses the word ‘We’ when Go

February 23, 2007 1:16pm CST
Islam is a strictly monotheistic religion. It believes in and adheres to uncompromising monotheism. It believes that God is one, and unique in His attributes. In the Qur’an, God often refers to Himself using the word ‘We’. But this does not mean that Islam believes in the existence of more than one God. Two types of plural In several languages, there are two types of plurals, one is a plural of numbers to refer to something that occurs in a quantity of more than one. The other plural is a plural of respect. a. In the English language, the Queen of England refers to herself as ‘We’ instead of ‘I’. This is known as the ‘royal plural’. b. Rajiv Gandhi, the ex-Prime Minister of India used to say in Hindi "Hum dekhna chahte hain". "We want to see." ‘Hum’ means ‘We’ which is again a royal plural in Hindi. c. Similarly in Arabic, when Allah refers to Himself in the Qur’an, He often uses Arabic word 'Nahnu' meaning ‘We’. It does not indicate plural of number but plural of respect. Tawheed or monotheism is one of the pillars of Islam. The existence and uniqueness of one and only one God is mentioned several times in the Qur’an. For instance in Surah Ikhlas, it says : "Say He is Allah the One and Only." [Al-Qur’an 112: 1]
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• Malaysia
6 Mar 07
Islam believe in a God! There are no several gods... the word 'We' showed that Allah is really power and special. That's why, sometime you'll see the word 'He' with the capital 'H'.
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@urbandekay (18280)
25 Feb 07
It does not show that there are several gods in the Quran but it does show that, like any text, it requires interpretation all the best urban
• Pakistan
25 Feb 07
again u are not clear at all!
@urbandekay (18280)
25 Feb 07
Very sorry, what don't you understand? all the best urban
• Canada
26 Feb 07
we only believe in one god and the only god allah, the most grace full who see all.
@yanjiaren (9031)
23 Feb 07
Islam holds true to the belief in one true God..but not any type of God..the name Allah bears no masculine or feminine is a name worthy of respect and honour ..and i hope we can get to know about different religions better so we can understand each other without prejudice.. peace and respect..
@chadd_atl (288)
• United States
23 Feb 07
Whether he is one or more than one, the Qur'an desribes Allah as a deceiver who even deceives his own followers. The phrase of Allah being "the best deceiver" is usedin Suras 8:30; and 10:22. Allah is the most deceitful in Sura 3:54 and Sura 30:8. In Sura 10:21, Allah is reffered to as the fastest in planning/scheming/deceit. Allah is the "deceivest of deceivers" (Sura 3:54) Nearly the same in suras 8:30; 27:50; 13:42; 10:21; 14:46; 43:79; 86:15f; 7:100. He is even describe as one who deceives his own followers. How could someone follow him when his own scriptures say that he is the greatest of deceivers?
@aib536pk (124)
• Pakistan
27 Feb 07
u reffred about a lot of aayats but u haven't qouted any one of them with context.until unless u read the context can't say anything that in what regard it was the context and then tell me if it was neccessery to say that.