A Co-Worker That Needs To Go!

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February 23, 2007 1:17pm CST
Have you ever had that co-worker that needs to be let go and management just seems to let them slide with no apparent reason? We have a woman like thta and it's driving us crazy. They have been letting her slide for months. She comes in late, breaks the rules, doesn't complete her work, is rude to customers, etc. We had three customer complains just this week alone about her. Finally yesterday she got written up twice. We are hoping that the end is near. It's universal - everyone is fed up with her. I don't think there is anyone who likes her and I don't know how you could even stay at someplace where no one likes you. What do you do when you have a co-worker who no one likes and needs to go like this? How do you handle it when management seems to give them a free pass and you are diligent about doing your work?
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24 Feb 07
That would make me very irritated. I think you all should continue to report any problems to your boss - it is their job for disciplinary action - make your boss accountable. Not sure why management would be overlooking this unless she is related somehow, is a friend of the family, has something she is holding over the boss's head, or they are fooling around???? I've seen several people who do a crappy job and really don't care what other's think. I couldn't work somewhere where I was not wanted or liked.
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