Money online is a numbers game, so here's how to play and get more pay

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February 23, 2007 5:26pm CST has a tremendous potential, but most members waste it. Folks, it's a numbers game. Membership is 73,000 and climbing fast. Many more people are joining than are dropping out. How do you narrow the numbers and odds in your favor so you can earn more? If you just throw up one-line blurbs or just ask stupid and obvious questions, your earnings go down. Down. If you slow down how many posts you make, and think a little, come up with a good idea no one has talked about for a while, then write one, good solid statement instead of 10 little childish and idiotic ones, then your earnings go up. Up. It's quite simple. Get smart, and get rich. Continue to be childish and lazy, you get what you deserve: Zero.
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@kathy77 (7487)
• Australia
24 Feb 07
Yes mylot does have a tremendous potential, but according to what you are saying here is not right as yesturday I received a lot of responses to especially one of my discussions and yet I my earnings did not go up accordingly to what you are saying here so this is wrong to tell the members this. But it is true that your discussions should be helpful and constructive.
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23 Feb 07
I wasn't aware that you got paid more for starting discussions. I thought all your earnings came from your answers. How do you get this information?
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24 Feb 07
It is a complex formula. Yes, I would agree you don't really get much for starting a discussion, but if a discussion generates a tremendous amount of responses and you respond in kind, I think that's where the earnings threshhold gets reached. But, hey, without discussions being started, we would have no site!