Last thing before you die

February 23, 2007 6:12pm CST
Hello guys, my life is in shambles at the moment. This thought just came over to my mind as I was thinking over some facts of life and it the answer I gave myself shocks me. Well, the thing is, I was thinking of one thing I would want to have or do before I die. I got afraid realizing that I simply want to die. I don't even wish to have nothing or do nothing but just die. Please tell me. What would you want to have or do before you die?
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@kjkrush (41)
• United States
24 Feb 07
I definately want to travel more. I also want to get married. It sounds like you're depressed. Please dont think I'm judging you but from someone's who's been there, maybe you should try talking to someone. Do you think you want to die because your life is in shambles or have you felt this way for a long time? Is there anything that you feel could happen in your life that would change that feeling? Dont mean to pry.
• Spain
24 Feb 07
lost a girl that I loved some time ago. I have been made to remember of her recently. I realize that she was all I loved and wanted. I have not been able to get over her or find someone like her. To be more exact, I haven't been able to love anyone else again. I wish I could just die but could not do it myself or ask someone to do it cause that would make me guilty or that someone guilty. Thanks for your concern.