what is wrong with hard water?

Slovak Republic
February 23, 2007 9:42pm CST
Last night a saleslady from a water treatment company came to our home. We have very hard town water, which I knew before. She was saying that hard water is not good for drinking, but I've been drinking this water for years. I love the taste of it and have no problems with it. I drink bottled water only when I am traveling. I thought minerals like sulfur and iron and copper in the water were good.
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• United States
24 Feb 07
Mostly hard water is damaging to your skin, it dries out your skin, but ive never heard that it was bad to drink.
• Slovak Republic
24 Feb 07
Oh it dries out our skin, how come? Isn't it a lot better because after all it is not treated with chemicals and so.
• Guangdong, China
8 Jan 19
Drinking hard water will also have a certain impact on human health and daily life. People who do not drink hard water occasionally drink hard water, which can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, the so-called gastrointestinal discomfort; cooking fish and vegetables with hard water will destroy or reduce the nutritional value of food because it is not easy to cook; changing tea with hard water will change the tea. The color and fragrance reduce the value of drinking; using hard water to make tofu will not only reduce the yield, but also affect the nutrients of the tofu. The appearance of hard water comes from the fact that industrial sewage is not completely treated, and many indicators are discharged without reaching the standard. There is one reason for this that has a great impact on the indicators. You are producing too much foam in the sewage treatment. These foams affect every part of the sewage treatment, and the sewage is not completely processed. Industrial sewage defoamer can solve this problem. As long as a few drops are dropped, the foam can be quickly eliminated without polluting the environment and will not affect the emission index. For details, please visit the industrial wastewater defoamer: http:/ /