Does anyone do housework?

@stratz (100)
February 24, 2007 1:04am CST
Does anyone here like to do house work because I sure don't. I try and avoid it. I geuss I like to put it off but it needs to get done. Do you do your own or do you get someone like molly maids to come do your cleaning for you?
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@Josette_J (806)
• Malaysia
7 Mar 07
I do some of the housework everyday, whether I like it or not. I don't really like housework actually. I don't enjoy sweeping and mopping the floor. Call me lazy but it just isn't my thing. However, after cleaning up the floor, it does look clean and shiny. That's the good part of housework, though. Things certainly look cleaner and neater. If I don't do the housework, my parents will never fail to remind me to do them and they will nag at me too! We don't have any maids and I don't want maids either. I'd rather do everything myself because they may not know the right way to do it and might end up making a bigger mess.
@beaniegdi (1965)
8 Mar 07
i don't really enjoy it but i know some people do and i have often wished i could develop that addiction but it has never happened. i do it as little as possible.
@burtle (213)
• New Zealand
8 Mar 07
Mate isnt that why us fellas get married? (JK) - I was fortunate to marry a woman that ENJOYS housework - they do exist! (PS before I get flamed - I am happy to help if required!)