do u hear to loud music?

February 24, 2007 3:28am CST
ARe you a music bug........ GOsh !!! I am crazy for it. i love music... so much that i can eat it drink it and live on it... what kind of music do you like to hear.... I love listening to "HUGE" ( i am using this word to show the extent)LOUD matter what kind of music is it ....and no particular reason for listening to it.. i hear it coz i like it AND i ENJOOY IT....... SO DOES MY FAMILY....SO THAT WAY I even don't irritate or disturb anyone..what my aim is that when I am listening to music, no one should actually distrub me and that at that particular time I don't want to hear anything else, simple anything,,,,, so I make it inaccessibly loud!!! What do you do?
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