Super Robot War

February 24, 2007 4:46am CST
Do you like the Super Robot War Series? I love this game beacause I'm a fan of the Japanese Super Robot.
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@xenobane (204)
• Canada
20 Feb 10
SRW series is one of my all time favourite, I started from F on SS, through Second G on game boy, Alpha on PS, Alpha remake on DC, to Second Alpha on PS2, Third Alpha, Impact, MX, OGS, and Z. Is through this game that I know the world of robot animation, before this game I don't even know what gundam is. Now when I see Virtual On in SRW I am not that surprised, any robot with decent background can join SRW. Both Real and Super robot are great attractions, I think UC gundams had their fair share in Alpha series, and is making way for new generation of gundams in later works. As you can see in K there is only seed series, and OO is not that far ahead, unicorn just can't wait to come in. Super robot is also making ways for new comers, K is a really good example of "taste test". It is trying to suit the taste of younger audience, who don't really care about original Jeeg or Gaiking. I think it makes sense, since most older generation of robots already had their time in early SRW works, like NEO is sort of homage to 90's robots, but PS2 games are moving on. It would be boring to see the same story line over and over again, there has to be new robot series join or the game won't have fun. I like how SRW is able to combine so many works together to form a universal world, where all the characters are connected, and all the stories are shared seamlessy. Is a chance to relive and possibly change the fate of your favourite characters, like the moment in Alpha 3 when Gunbuster is trying to activate the BlackHole Bomb, other characters came in to help where in original is only gunbuster itself. Able to see Noriko come home with the rest of the crew is somewhat comforting, and hear characters from other series calling their names is like a dream come true. I'd really like to see a SRW on PS3, it would be amazing for sure. 3D is not always the best choice, I think 2D has yet to reach its peak, Z did a very good job of showing us what PS2 can do and how far SRW has come to. PS3 can do even better, and I think SRW is better off in 2D, as is more close to original and details are more noticeable. Hope more SRW is on the way to give us more amazing moments.