Rules of Dating....

February 24, 2007 4:52am CST
Dating nowadays is a lot different, we'll see how you comment on these: 1)Who pays for the first meeting? 2)What do you say about the girl paying for half of the tab? 3)Who calls whom after the initial meeting? 4)If the guy kissed you on your lips what do you think does it means? 5)Is it alright to start a relationship on the first date?
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@Marie2473 (8517)
• Sweden
24 Feb 07
1. I do belive that the guy can pay, but if the girl does i do not see anything wrong with it, so maybe half/half =) 2. Since i am a girl i would insist on payng half =) 3.The person who gets to it first. There are no rules in 2007. the girl can call if she wants - why miss out on a great opertunity for beeing shy 4. Probably nothing, unfortunately people do not put that much into a kiss anymore - atleast not here! 5. YES, i belive it is. me and my bf did and we are celibrating a year tomorrow =)