Am I a fool?

February 24, 2007 10:55am CST
Ok , this is gonna stupid but I need your valuable opinions I went out on a date with a guy before new years.And we had a good time ,he even said that it was one of the best dates he's on and I said "really?".Afterwards he called me a few times, but never asked me out again.then he stopped calling.After a few weeks ,I text him but he does'nt reply.Then I call him and he does'nt pick up. So I can assume he does'nt like me,right? that I need to move on and not callhim any more. Did I ni=ot show enough intrest in him?
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@camar_lyn (1028)
• Singapore
24 Feb 07
Do you think he was sober during that new years' date? Maybe he's had a few drinks too many and just want to have a make out session. But if you really like him, try calling him from a public pay phone. (So that he doesn't know who's calling him.) When he picks up, you can sort of tell if he's really into you. Else, try to 'accidentally' bump into him ( nearby his apartment, deli, shop, office) and see his reaction first hand. I'm sure that will lessen your troubles worrying about him. Hope this helps. God Bless!!
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• United States
24 Feb 07
you need to go on with your life. obviously, he's not as interested in a relationship as you are. he enjoyed the date, and poof, took off. men do that.
24 Feb 07
What do you really know about this guy? He could have a girlfriend, maybe? He would have contacted you by now, surely. Sorry if that seems a little harsh; If you only saw him that one night, then just put it dowm to experience, he may have fallen out with someone, and they may have got back together. He may just have wanted to be with you that evening...who knows what goes on in the male mind...move on, you owe it to yourself.
@malini4u (896)
• India
26 Feb 07
if dat guy did like dat..dont ever worry for him..he must be worrying to let u out...dont go after those guys...they are just irritating creautres..may be its better still u dont have any realtionships with those kind of happy
@swatig (1187)
• India
25 Feb 07
Im dnt wnt to sy jst anything, any comment on ths. what i suggest is to just live wthout thinking of him, then he might be come back. if u think allthe time n it effect ur working also. Pick urself too such a place where u see him, under u, means raise urself wth ur effort to such a respectble place tht he have to reliease, wht he lose.