What color means?

@biyping (184)
February 24, 2007 12:00pm CST
Do you know what color make us feel hungry? and why? what color makes us feel happy? what color makes us feel comfortable? what combination colors would you use for a room interior if you have a new restaurant? and why? share with us...tx
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@yaneeps (122)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
the kind of color depends on the type of restaurant you would have. if it's a fast food restaurant, then bright colors would do because studies show that bright colors get you going. we have a fast food chain in the Phils which usually has a lot of customer and its color is orange. people do not linger on at the restaurant after eating. however, if you want to have a restaurant which caters to couples or intimate dates, i suggest you go for asian (dark wood) color. hope this helps!
@biyping (184)
• Indonesia
2 Mar 07
so do you think orange is not really good to be used? People said that orange is a color which can make people feel hungry..is it true or not? And i really like to show you my logo before we publish it...and ask your opinion..How can i send it to you? Tx for your help
@brimia (6582)
• United States
24 Feb 07
I've heard the color red stimulates you and your appetite so that's why a lot of fast food restaurants use it in their decor. They say it can be good to stimulate conversation also. Blue and green are supposed to relax you.
@biyping (184)
• Indonesia
25 Feb 07
what about orange? that can be used to make us feel hungry or not? instead of red? coz red is to brave. Thanks so much
• Canada
24 Feb 07
Colors are more thana combination of red, blue,yellow anf black. They are non verbal forms of communication. Colors have symbolism and meaning that go beyond ink. It is helpful to keep in mind how the eye and mind perceive certain colors and the meanings behind these colors. Sometimes colors create a physical reaction. Red for instance has been know to raise blood pressure. The color white in the US is for weddings but in some Eastern cultures white is the color for mourning. Colors also follow trends. Cool colors like blue, green, turquoise and silver are calming colors. Warm colors like reds, pink, yellow, gold and orange are exciting colors. Were Neutral colors like brown, beige, Ivory, gray, black and white are unifying colors. So definitly a lot to consider I would definitly look in to cultural colors what type of restraunt. Is it a theme restraunt. The amount of space, because you definilty dont want to make people feel like they are eatting in a box, and you definitly do not want to paint a color that could be unsettling. Also keep in mind men and women do not perceive color the same. Hopefully this offers a little assistance. I personally like a combination of unifying and warm colors burgundy, golds, black and taupe I love it. The colours make me feel relaxed and comfortable when combined corretly.