Dealing with an addiction in a marriage

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United States
February 24, 2007 4:27pm CST
My husband takes pain meds for his back pain. But he has been taking them for almost a year and almost never takes them the way you are supposed to. This has caused many problems between us. How can I make him understand that he has a problem? But at the same time I want to save my marriage.
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@ghopit (154)
• Indonesia
24 Feb 07
get the third person opinion could help. the doctor for instance. maybe the doctor could help you to make your husband understand about the danger of take to many medecine, not in the right way. the doctor has competency to do that so maybe your husband would listen to the doctor.
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• Canada
24 Feb 07
I don't see much that you can do exect to keep talking to him and to let him know how this is affecting your marriage and pray that he will fianlly hear what you have to say . Keep after him and let him know all the time how you feel and try not to turn it into a fight . When it comes to the point that you fear that you might end up fighting then try to give it up for that day and try again another time . I can't say that this is going to work but can't see how anything but talking is going to make him see sence of what this is doing to your relationship . Best of luck !!
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@villageanne (8554)
• United States
6 Mar 07
If it is pain meds, he has to have a prescription for them. Maybe you could take to his dr. His dr must not think he is addicted to them or he would not prespcrip them for him.
• Philippines
26 Feb 07
keep talking to him. If after sometime it don't work, maybe you need a third party to get involve. your mom or his dad... this is a very delicate issue, you should discuss and resolve this the soonest you can. This can be out of hand. you don't want to loose your marriage just like this. Be brave and Good Luck!