Who should the 49ers hire as their offensive coordinator?

United States
February 24, 2007 6:19pm CST
Should Mike Nolan hire someone from within like wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan or should he tap a resource outside of the organization? It will be hard for Nolan to get someone from outside the organization because of how late in the offseason it is, but if he can either bring in someone who has had success outside and runs a similar offense, then that should be the choice. I like Sullivan as the coordinator now, cause he's familiar with the system and the personnel that the team has.
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1 Apr 07
I too would like to see them hire from with in and maybe that will give stability which they really need right now. I would really love to see them get back to the top again.
• United States
7 Mar 07
Yea they should go within the organization, like a recievers coach or something because they would no the most about the system.
• Saint Kitts And Nevis
26 Feb 07
Well, I'm not too familiar as to how Nolan runs his system. I mean, as in, how much control of the offense does he possess. If Nolan runs the show, then I think Sullivan may be the guy for the job, because his role would be limited to getting the offense prepared. Otherwise, you'll probably want someone who has been an Offensive Coordinator before to do it. Experience goes a long way, and creating offensive schemes and calling plays takes a lot of knowledge that a wide receivers coach might be ready for. I am pretty impressed with the turn around that the 49ers have made. Although the NFC West is a pretty poor division, I expect them to win the NFC West next year.