High speed Internet

@Weskom (25)
United States
February 24, 2007 8:33pm CST
With todays technology, should high speed data be even faster than it is? It's true that technology is expensive and high speed data requires a certain amount of HIGH TECH. If you consider the costs of parts, they are cheap. The brains behind the technology is where the expense lies. Delivery should be more advanced than it is. Wireless, copper lines, transmitters, etc. Just how fast is FAST? I haven't even talked about bandwidth yet. Itis going to interesting to see what the future will unleash, and it will, as it can not be stopped. The internet is not the last World Wide form of global communications. There's something out there that hasn't been discovered yet. You might say the internet is the mother/father of global communications. What will the children be like? I can't wait to see, can you?
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@jeanpri (269)
• Malaysia
25 Feb 07
High speed internet certainly is the greatest asset to us who want to earn from online programs. I have broadband installed at my office and home. As the result, even I am enjoying mylot posting because it is fast. Besides, in my country, broadband packages are not expensive and the usage is unlimited. If there is an autosurf program that pays by the hour, I'd be the first to jump in with such great internet speed and price.