Gerrard,my favouurite football player

@fuhean (21)
February 24, 2007 8:44pm CST
i like Gerrard for the style he play football , he's so handsome for every match i wacth b4 !!!
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@BIGJ0E (13)
• Indonesia
8 May 07
Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest football player in the world. he is an inspiration to other players especially his team-mate, his name will be a history in the heart of his fans and liverpool will always remmember that one of the greatest midfielder was, is and will wear their shirts.
@lisa45 (87)
27 Oct 08
no ffense but ive met steven gerrard personally a few times and he is not the big hero he proffesses himself to be he is a money grabbing over paid person who still has the ability to moan after everything he has got either belive me or dont but im telling you there just people football players and you really see that in them when you meet them a few times also he is not handsome his make up team our he has bid thick slashed lines in his forehead and is unbelibally moody
@mbs2323 (256)
• Malaysia
7 May 09
Hey BIGJOE I agree, he is an inspiration to other players and has thrown a big impact in Liverpool. He is a legend.
@debs90 (547)
• India
24 Dec 10
He is one who always shakes the Kops. A legend who is so good to watch...
@mbs2323 (256)
• Malaysia
7 May 09
Oh my God. We have a thing in common. I personally think he's very, very handsome and a great football player. Just like you, he is also MY favourite. I like the way he plays football, kind of reminds me of my boyfriend who is also a good footballer, aaaand a HUUGE fan of Gerrard's too, big time! Steven Gerrard is the perfect role model for all.