peeing in public?

February 24, 2007 9:38pm CST
my friend and i were attending a party and i suddenly felt very urinaty.. so i immediately went to the bathroom, but to my dismay, there was a line. i couldn't wait.. so i went outside, i found a spot on one corner.. when i thought it was clear, i went on with it.. but to my embarassment.. the host of the party saw me peeing on his flowers... hehe.. he looked embarassed and turned around, i immediately stood up and told him nice flowers... hehe , it was really embarassing that i immediately ran home and the worst part was, my skirt was stuck on my underwear, i had to leave the party as a clown, i am so embarassed that i haven't stepped outside our house for a whole week.. i am planning on dropping my subjects, i am soooo embarassed, what would you do, if you were in my situation?
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• United States
25 Feb 07
hey if ya have to go u have to go ! they will get over it im sure those people will is not worth dropping ur subjects though ,just laugh and go on it will b ok