Jim Carrey-Number 23 Movie

February 24, 2007 9:45pm CST
I want to know people's 23 coincidences/occurances. These are mine: My parents were married on August 23,1975. I was born December 11(12 month plus 11 day is 23)1985(1+9+8+5=23)we have 23 cats(wha?),we happened to wait last minute to buy our x-mas tree on the 23rd(we usually buy it earlier,this is a lame 23 occurance)I have seen the number 23 on 3 different shows(no biggie)The earth actually takes 23hrs 56mins to rotate. I'll post more when I see them....so what are yours??
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@LadyLeene (584)
• United States
25 Feb 07
Peh. If you play around with numbers enough, you can get 23 out of almost anything. This is just like the Bible Code; people are only finding what they want or expect to find.
• Canada
26 Feb 07
That's true.I think it's fun but I don't think it means anything really. Some people think that number is bad but it's just a number.