I Have Come Across A Lady...................

February 24, 2007 10:17pm CST
Aged about 54 years, spinster, stays alone, no one in the family, very respectable and dignified looking, standing on the edge of the walkway, and trying to draw attention of all the passerbys. She had a bunch of papers in her hand, something printed on it, which she was asking everyone to read. Some people were taking those papers, reading it, and after nodding their head, were walking away. Others were too busy to stop by. They were just ignoring her. After watching her for a while, I slowly went near her, and wanted from her, one of those papers she was distributing to everyone. I was surprised to see the contents of that paper. Would you believe, She is a Cancer patient, in a very advanced stage, but yet working, in a clinic where all other cancer patients come for treatment, but cannot afford to pay for the treatment which is very costly. She had started the Clinic, all by herself, with whatever money she had, and now she is asking for whatever help she can get from everyone, so that the treatment cost of other patients can be met. What will you call this..............?
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@whacks (774)
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
I think that is what is called passion. She has that passion for what she is doing. She is dedicated and motivated to do that. Many would uphold her cause. That's how life is, each one of us wants to do something we are passionate to do about.
• India
26 Feb 07
That is exactly what I also thought about her, after I met her. I was surprised by her courage, strength, grit and passion, as you have rightly pointed out. Thank you Sir, for your valuable contribution.
• India
27 Feb 07
Thank you for your contribution. I, too could not sleep for many a night, thinking about the woman. When ever I tried to gather some sleep, I could see her, standing near the walkway, asking for some help, from the passer bys. I have also encountered a man, in a train, while travelling. My experience, with that man, is elaborately written in another post of mine called VERBATIM. I'd request you to have a look. Thank you once again.
@mfpsassy (2827)
• United States
25 Feb 07
Absolutely heart breaking if I had extra money I would give it to her how sad
• India
26 Feb 07
Your good intentions are commendable. Wish, we all could help her. Thank you for your contribution.
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