Every one of us long for love from others.

February 24, 2007 10:35pm CST
The longing to be liked is one of the humans innate desires.Even a deadly criminal too craves for attention and love.we want people to speak good about us. Such a desire to have is justified. But what to do to earn the love and liking of others/.Read on Learn to remember names. Stop calling 'Hey,you' Stop building a barrier around you by being easy and natural. Don't be stiff,reserved and un responsive. Stock some stuff with you to talk about with which you can make yourself interesting. Be humble,even though you 're really a walking encyclopedia.Don't put on airs. Love,support and strengthen the people as far as you can.It will be reciprocated. Congratulate or compliment on achievements. And be ready for Tons and Tons of love.
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5 Mar 07
Hey thanks for the great advice. I believe one can get along really well following these simple pointers. But what if somebody just can't remember names, as hard as they might try?