What is a good age to have a will?

@Joslyn77 (374)
United States
February 24, 2007 11:05pm CST
I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have three children and I would def. want them to be in good loving care if something should happen. I am also afraid to have one at this point in life because I feel as though it might be bad luck or telling "someone" that I'm ready to leave and I AM NOT!!!
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@Trace86 (5033)
• United States
26 Feb 07
I don't have a will yet either. However, I don't have children. Making a will just means that you want your family to be taken care of in the event of an unforeseen mishap. What if something happened to you and your husband at the same time? Which brother and sister-in-law or sister do you want to raise your children in the manner and style that you would want? Which one has the parenting style and resources,money and space, to take on 3 children? Who do you trust with the lives of your children?
@kritipen (4082)
• United States
25 Feb 07
I think it is good to have a will once a person is aged 18 and over so that the parents know what the last wishes of their kid are. Having a will becomes all the more important if you are a parent. The earlier you have a will the better. I dont think it is a badluck sign, it just means we are better prepared and we care for our children. And that is also one of the responsibilities of being a parent.
• Australia
25 Feb 07
i think its a wise decision to have will once your 18 just so your parents know what your last wishes are. just because you have a will it doesnt mean that you are ready to say goodbye. it just means you're prepared. i think that you should also have your will updated every two or so years. or every time you have a baby you should definitely include them. i think that its important that when you go to heaven you should make it easier for those that you leave behind. i hope none of you ever go soon
@limosonia1 (1559)
• United States
25 Feb 07
I had my written as soon as I knew I was pregnant. No I am not ready to leave but good forbid something happened to me I wanted to make sure that everythings was taken care of. It is a good thing to have.