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February 25, 2007 2:29am CST
On friday I had a football match at school and in the very last minute I went for a header and fell heavily on my ankle and unfortunately twisted it quite bad...lol... Could not even walk. Came home and after an hour or so my ankle swelled and became the size of a cricket ball...I asked my brother to take me to the hospital..There the doctor asked me to get an X-ray and bring the reports. there were at that time 2 Captains simple Mbbs and 1 Specialized doctor. They saw my X-ray and the junior doctor said that my fibula is dislocated . The senior doctor said it's not. the 3rd doctor seemed uncertain.THe senior doctor came to me and aske dme to get another X-ray this time keeping my foot at 90 degrees.and after seieng that he said that it's just a sprain. then both juniors said no we should apply plaster it's broken lol..This made the doctor change his mind and referred me to OPD on tuesday..The way they were talkin g with each other about my ankle made me Say under my breath WTF...lol..Really.. What could i do. They were talking about the possibility of me having broken my bone..I was like sitting there looking at them open mouthed... Do you think The doctors did the right thing?...Over-ruling the specialist and changing his mind.. Now I'm really Nervous. I don't want plaster applied on my leg.I can walk now alright but still I'm really really nervous
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@nitsy_s (1029)
• India
26 Feb 07
Really sad to hear that u twisted ur ankle.. hope u get well soon. It reminds me of the good old days when i used to play cricket. At that time i had almost all my fingers sprained, coz i kept wickets for sometime. From what i can see the docs over there looked really confused. If it is a fracture the pain would be unbearable, so i think most likely u dont have a fracture,since u are able to walk. But i suggest u get the x-rays checked with some other doctor before going for the plaster.
• Pakistan
26 Feb 07
Thanks I hope I do get well soon. Yeah Doctors did seem confused and I'm kinda sure I don't have a fracture because now I can walk alright. It just hurts when I touch my ankle... The only thing worrying me right now is that my foot has turned blue in that area :(