Keep it going...1812 Mystery story

South Africa
February 25, 2007 6:11am CST
A woman was on a ship with her boyfriend in 1812 on her way to the New World to teach others when she got back to her homeland. Her boyfriend went to get a blanket at the bottom of the colassal ship and when he came back up...she was dead with two knives stabbed into her. One in her heart, one in her head with a note stabbed with it, saying, "The New World Awaits you..." He thought for a moment. What would this mean? How in the world did she get stabbed by a person in the middle of the wide open sea. Tears running down his face, an island in the mist appeared as bright as daylight, he thought to himself for a couple of minutes. As he got closeer to the New World he had discovered...a note on one of the rock nearby was waving in the wind. He took off the rock as he sailed by it. The note read, "You have arrived." He was now very afraid that this person was stalking him the entire trip fantasising about them. Another note blowing in the wind landed on the ship, it was like a stage performance that had been rehearsed a million times. That note that had just landed on his boat read, "You're getting warmer.." As 4 other notes were nailed to the steering wheel as he frantically tried to turn the boat around to go back home, away from this sick game someone was playing. It had numbers on...1, 2, 3, 4. He figured he should read them in order. They read... 1: "Where you going? 2: "You're getting colder" 3: "Ice cold" 4: "........." The fourth note said nothing. His fears were catching up to him now as he ran at a sprinting speed to the last corner of the bottom of the boat and hid away in the barrels. In the barrel he was sitting, there was a note nailed. It read,"There's no place you can hide." He then heard footsteps up on deck. He hid away in the same place not taking notice to the note that he had just found. As he heard the footsteps getting louder as the person who was wearing them went down the stairs. The footsteps finally stopped. His palms were now as sweaty as ever... Tears rolling down his face... His heart racing... What would this person do to him... He heard feint little clicks... Then he heard cocking up of a gun... "Now you're going to feel even more cold my friend..." A brief moment of silence enetered the room... "Say hello to your girlfriend up there in heaven..." "Oh yeah that's right! You can't! Coz you're going to hell..." His heart was now failing him, he couldn't breath... He couldn't die now, it was too early... He saw a hammer in the barrel he was sitting in... He picked it up.. As fast as he could...jumped out the barrell and threw the hammer at the person with a gun. The gun fell out his hand, well running footsteps could be heard in the murderes ear... As the man reached the top of the stairs after running away another person was standing near to him... "Too cold!" The person said. ------------------------------To be continued------------------------------- (Continue the story of your own opinion what should be happening on the story, please make it as intense as you can. Put lots of suspense in please. As many posts as possible) --------------------------Now the story continues-------------
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