your favourite satriani song

February 25, 2007 9:26am CST
What's your favourite Joe Sastriani song??? I can't get enough of Flying in a blue dream, Starry night and Summer Song
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• India
20 May 07
crystal planet
• Philippines
11 Jun 07
i would have to say Cryin' and Lovething! ... these were great!!
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
always with me, always with you... redefined the instrumental guitar ballad...
@Zalvor (727)
• Turkey
13 Mar 07
I suppose there is one song everybody forgot, including Mr. Satriani himself! It's the song Forgotten(!) from his Flying In a Blue Dream CD. Since this G3 thing became popular I kept wishing he'd play it, he doesn't play it on his "Live In San Francisco" DVD either, and I still keep wishing he remembers it sometime, because it's too beautiful a song to be forgotten...
@Setto24 (122)
• Indonesia
30 Apr 09
Love thing and Crystal Planet.... I dont get Bored when listen to those songs whole day... Sometimes when I playing Love Thing (not even near the original LOL), i cry... just feel sad... feel .... oww... and when the song's finished, i said , "thanks you!" ;P
• India
19 Jun 08
i just love "always with me,always with you"..n also "tears in the rain"!!
@neiloid (53)
• Philippines
29 May 08
devil's slide and surfing with the alien.
• Philippines
15 Jul 07
For me, my favorite Satch songs is first Always with you, always with me then cryin, tears in the rain, rubina's blue sky happiness then flying in a blue dream, surfing with the alien then home, until we say goodbye. And now, love thing and rubina. These are all my favorites from Satch! Now I'm waiting for Satch to have a concert here in my country. I hope...
• Denmark
23 Apr 07
I think my favourite satriani songs are circles,crush of love snd ceremony
• New Zealand
16 Apr 07
I like flying in a blue dream as well, but I think one of my favorites is always with you, always with me, from the surfing with the alien album, another couple more I like is crying from the extremist album and bells of la from the surfing with alien album.
• United States
26 Mar 07
I can't think of any Joe Satriani song I don't like! :) I think Always with You, Always with Me is one of my favorites though. This man has truly got a gift and plays so well that I close my eyes and heart responds.
• United States
23 Mar 07
one of my favorite songs has got to circles. i cant get enough of that song.
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
..always with me, always with you..echo..mostly ballads. right now it's Love Thing, men! it's just therapeutical..
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
joe satriani was very familiar with me... i loved to watch all his performances with the G3 and other guitar experts... for me he is the genius in this craft... especially when he uses effects in all his masterpieces... cryin is one of my favorite...
@obzzen (27)
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
i got discover Satriani by the song Always With Me, Always With You - his signature song. i heard it one day on a radio m and i'm really amaze, it make me listen hard and my jaw dropped. never felt the same coz i haven't found what the title and who the artist, i always wait for it to be played on the radio every time until i finally know it. my fave for know is Love Thing, used to play a certain part of it on my guitar.