February 25, 2007 11:56am CST
How easy is it to tell when your depressed, lately ive been thinking about death a lot, not eating some days and crying at the most silly things. I cant tell if I might be depressed or just going through a bit of a sad phase
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@the_vicar (1477)
• United States
25 Feb 07
You should see a counselor and find out if you are clinically depressed. You seem to possess some of the symptoms but it takes a professional to diagnose the problem. Don't put it off. Seek help NOW. Depression is a physical condition which affects the thinking process. My aunt had terrible depression and she was found to have a Lithium imbalance. As long as she was on medication she was fien. The problem is when they get off of their medication. When they feel better they tend to quit taking medicine because they perceive they are well. Do what your doctor says but be aware some mood lifters are causing more depression so seek a second opinion if this happens.
• Singapore
25 Feb 07
You must have face some problems. It's definitely a sign of depression. You've to look at the open side, take things easier, tell yourselve that whatever you face is part and puzzle of life. Most of us will face some up and down during our life, we just need to move on.
• Nigeria
25 Feb 07
if you are feeling like you want to harm yourself, or another person, you are in crisis and need to get some help immediately. and... if you are feeling depressed... go talk to someone, you probably are. its very common depression is a feeling of saddness that persists over 2 weeks. you dont normally enjoy things you used to, either sleep too much or cant sleep at all, and sometimes have thoughts about hurting someone or yourself.