Name one or two nice things you have done for your partner/lover or best friend?

February 25, 2007 12:08pm CST
One time I was really hungry and my friend said she had a coupon for a second sub at the store but I told her to offer it to my husband. I even went and picked it up for him. I also like to clean the dishes when he is sleeping and planning on getting up to do them after his nap. Or give him the first or last bite of my chocolate bar. What have you done?
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• United States
27 Feb 07
Ilike to do random nice things for my boyfriend. It's always fun to suprise him like that. Once I was staying at his house while I recovered from surgery and while he was at work I unloaded his dishwasher and started a new load. He was so shocked when he got home because he knows how much I hate to do dishes.
• Canada
27 Feb 07
Cool. Was it okay after you opperation to be doing work like that? I hope you were okay.