Moon Phases and The Effects On Humans

Moon Phases - We all know about the phases of the moon, but it has been long believed that the full moon can cause people to do crazy things. How much truth is actually behind this statement?
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February 25, 2007 3:48pm CST
It has long been believed that during a full moon, things get crazier and it causes some to do things they would never do otherwise. Now I know the moon controls things like the ocean's tides and maybe some animal instincts, but does the moon hold any control over what humans do? Is it possible that in some way that when the moon is full it somehow awakens some sort of primeval instinct within ourselves that we are unaware of? I have often wondered how much truth was behind someone saying "Well it's gonna be a full moon tonight, things are gonna get crazy."
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@dfinster (3535)
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26 Feb 07
From what I've seen there's some truth in that last saying. I worked in healthcare for 11 years and took care of the elderly. Especially patients with alzheimers. On the nights that htere was a full moon a lot of the people on my unit would act very different from the way they did on a day to day basis. The staff along with myself knew about a thing called "sundowners" which had to do with odd behaviors when it got dark, we always seemed to have our hands full with some of the patients during a full moon. Not all of them but several and not only alzheimers pt.'s but other patients as well.