Oscars 2007

February 25, 2007 4:01pm CST
The countdown has started in the US and the presenters are as huge as ever. Stars have been asked to keep their acceptance speech and sweet, to elaborate on web cams. Does any one have the link to that web cam. What would your acceptance speech be if I gave you an Oscar. Well here is my fun impression of my Oscar Speech excuse the jokes you have to imagine you are a movie star. I won my Oscar for Death Becomes Her Part Deux "I would like to thank everyone here tonight especially the producers, the directors and my Acting Co Stars Julian McMahon and Brad Pitt for supporting me in this role. I would like to thank my parents who thought that acting school was a waste of time and sent me to a local High School instead. I would like to thank my horse for being able to see that I was better than the jockey on his back. I thank my teachers for saying that I would amount to nothing well here I stand tonight to prove you wrong! I thank the Doctor who sewed my ear back on after my Co Star Brad accidentally sliced it off, when the prop knife was changed for a real knife. I thank the nurses who put up with my bad language when I gave birth on set to Chucky the Clown, my baby boy who is screaming and pulling his nanny's hair as we speak. I would like to thank my long sufferer lover who is not Chucky's Dad but put up with my morning sickness that seemed to last for ever. Julian. I thank Rover cars for loaning Brad the car that took Chucky and I to the hospital that night. I thank all those who put up with my tantrums when we where trying to get the darn dress that I am wearing tonight to fit my massive boobs. Thanks to Chucky for the boobs. Thanks to his Dad for getting me pregnant and then running off with that w h....re from San Diego!" Yes mylot friends that was joke! I am not dating Brad Pitt as he is hopefully happy with Angelina tonight. I am not dating Julian McMahon as he is probably putting is darling little girl to bed and reading her a bed time story. Now I want to hear your funny oscar speech come on lets have some fun. Oh Brad or Julian if you read this I love you as a sister loves a brother :D
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