how much freedom can you sacrifice in order to reach something you wont?

@LiminaL (164)
February 25, 2007 5:11pm CST
I really have a number of interests and aspirations, but it's not hard to realize that, in order to get closer to satisfaction in any of them, I have to work a lot and be extremely focused and continuous. But the importance of the very present is so powerfull, and I definitely need my daily life to be self rewarding, and not too much of an investiment for the future... How about you? Is motivation enought to make you feel satisfied with what you are doing (when you are heading to something in particular)?
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@Rexy_leigh (1189)
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
In my case, it's not really reaching something I want, it's more on reaching something I need to accomplish. When I graduated in college and landed a good job, I volunteered to send my younger brother to college since I am the eldest. Since then, I had to give up some of my luxurious wants, like the pampering stuffs for myself. But I know for myself that the reward would be a lot bigger especially when I can see my brother finish his studies, land a seemingly stable job, and live a good life...the thought of that is more that a motivation to me. :)
@LiminaL (164)
• Italy
5 Mar 07
yes, there is a difference between these two approaces (wonting and needing), but in my case I can find myself needing to accomplish something, but wonting to do certain things in order to get to some point.A good examples are the university studies : I need to study certain things, but wont to pass a number of exams which I don't find very significant - To just follow the need would certainly be the best way, but I'm sure it would bring me into particularly hard waters in the most of the cases.I've tried it for some significant time. you have done a very beautiful thing for your brother