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@clintz15 (977)
February 25, 2007 8:33pm CST
I have recently started a stamp collection of my own. Now I have a variety of stamps but I feel that I am not focusing on one particular theme as such. I think if I do so, acquiring more stamps will be easier. I know of people who collect odd shaped stamps and stamps with the picture of a particular personality and things like that. In your opinion, which one theme will be the best for a starter philatelist ?
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@nrnotrare (631)
• United States
26 Feb 07
Hello clintz..... Your collection is yours, it ought to reflect your likes and dislikes, not someone else's idea of what it should be. I have been collecting a little over 48 years and I'm am still fascinated by it. My suggestion for you is to try to educate yourself about the possible options available for collectors, and then make a few choices. Philatelically we live in an exciting time. The variety of world events happening daily provide ample opportunity for collectors. For example: There are obviously wars everywhere that can be documented through postal items. Also, many countries are printing a wide variety of new types of items, including sheet stamps, booklet stamps and coil stamps, circular, triangles and others, all are difficult to find on covers/envelopes as single stamps used as they were meant to be, documenting postal rates. Or maybe you'd be more interested in older items, dating back as far as 1841. There are also a fair number of stampless items available that date back to the 1700's There are topical stamps issued by many countries, any topic or interest you can think of can be found on stamps. The only exception I know of is that I have never found anything connected with the game of cribbage. I would be happy to send you some free information along with a variety of stamps. In my discussions you will find my offer of free stamps to any mylot stamp collector interested. Several members have already accepted my offer and at this writing at least one has posted comments about what I have sent to them. All I ask is a request by regular mail with good condition new stamps on your envelope. I am trying to collect a new item of regular mail from as many countries as possible. At the end of writing this I will request that you add me as one of your friends so that I can give you my address. Happy collecting...... Tom