Even a Disabled Association Turn Down a Disabled Person's Job Application

February 26, 2007 12:15am CST
Hi everyone : I've applied for a simple admin job offered by a welfare association looking after the physically disabled but I was not accepted by them. When I was interviewed by the Head of Social Services, she was more concerned about my disabilities rather than my abilities. I've told her that I would even step up my role if other departments needed my help. But she was just too focused on my physical limitations, saying I would be tired after typing with 1 hand for a while. The irony is, the welfare association that turned me down is supposed to "work towards the integration of people with physical disabilities into mainstream society". Their mission was to encourage the society to accept the physically disabled, but they themselves do not want to give a chance to a disabled person to work in their association. Yours Truly, Tony Chai
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