could anybody help me with wealthtoolbox?

February 26, 2007 6:16am CST
i have signrd up to this site and made many referrals.could i believe this .are they going to pay us and why?what are there benefits in this and in what system they works.i am confused plzz help me out.
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@elisata (569)
• Netherlands
26 Feb 07
It's a bit strange you first sign up, refer other people as well and then start asking questions.... It should have been the other way around! This way you cannot make a sound decision ever... But in case of wealthtoolbox you have nothing to worry about. The only thing you had to do was signing up... No money to put into, nothing. So if in 2 years time (you did read that, didn't you?) they won't pay out, you only lose a little illusion. There are several ways you can imagine why a site like wealthtoolbox exists: a) they may be perfectly legit, doing some hig tech financing we don't understand, so don't try to understand; b) they may be money launderers who try to get legit mony by investing "in the name" of other people; c) they're a scam. Take your pick. But don't lose any sleep over it, since you didn't invest a dime. And the next time you want to sign up?? Check out the site on monitor pages, forums like this one and sepcializes forums before you fill in your details...;-)
• India
26 Feb 07
thank you so much for your response and it was helpful for me a lot.
• United States
26 Feb 07
I also signed up for this company but didn't go thru the trouble of signing up ther people. According to their terms of service, you need to wait 2 years to receive payments. A lot can go wrong in 2 years. I am not saying it is a SCAM, we really won't know for 2 years. I would suggest you focus on a program that will pay you NOW for your efforts and referrals.