Romance or Out of Logic...

February 26, 2007 6:59am CST
have you ever watched movie "Lake House" that is acted by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves? you think the moment in this movie will be happened in our real life???...if the moment is happened to you, tell me a person that you will meet for your future?...may i know the reason???...
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• United Arab Emirates
23 Apr 07
I've watched the film and enjoyed it. Of course..the exact time setting is impossible to happen but the film focused on how true love conquers all even the test of time... The film taught us to be patient in waiting for what we really wanted that would make us happy and fulfilled. Let us not interpret the movie literally but instead let us see the hidden meaning of it and you'll appreciate the film...and can probably's nice to be in love...
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
I actually loved that movie. Of course it tackles a topic that has been abused by some: DESTINY... but the execution is impeccably made. although the plot is impossible, the idea makes you think... "yeah, what if the one who's made for me has been a part of my past, only i was too preoccupied at that point to see it?" sometimes people from our past might get back in our lives and we'll start seeing things we failed to see before... Lake House has captured that. Keanu's character is part of Sandra's character's past... And when they realized that they were made for each other, their love has transcended even through time...
@shmily07 (27)
• Indonesia
27 Mar 07
I watched this mowie 5 times and want to watch again because I like very much Sandra Bullock n Keanu Revees acting and try to watch all their movie :) I dont think the moment in this movie will be happened in our real life :) if the moment is happened to me, the only one that I shall meet in my future is my mama, I love her so much and desperate miss her :(
@mquidem (42)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
yes and i love it...this movie brought HOPE to the hopeless and happy ending to all that actually watched the movie. the characters sweep you into their lives and give you constant feeling could be possible. There is hope and that is rare to see these days. i recommend it to anyone and everyone
• Indonesia
26 Feb 07
Well i really don't know. i've never seen it. Could you tell me how the story is? well just a brief. by the way tag use to mark something interesting in your reading. if you have this kind of discussion so the tags are " movie,lake house,sandra bullock,..." :)