have you made foolish mistake in my lot.......... i had ...........

@meoasis (720)
February 26, 2007 7:42am CST
i have been posting and responding here in mylot for few months i have responded to so many discussions but i seem ****foolish****while replying to one of the post here ....what happened is that the discussions was started *****LADIES HOW MUCH IMPORTANCE DO YOU GIVE TO INTELLEGENCE IN MAN*** something like that but i without looking the topices i responded with a big answer ***YEA I DO*** afterwards when i was checking the discussions i responded to i came to realise this and what had really happened and i laughed at myself........... have you ever done similar mistakes? it would really be great to hear them?
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@charms88 (7540)
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
I try to make it a habit of reading and understanding what the discussion is all about before giving in my response. I once wrote down something by error. So I quickly add in my comment just to clear up what I'm responding.
@meoasis (720)
• Nepal
28 Feb 07
yea i think this is human error but if it appers it does seem such am i wrong?
@jamie11982 (1658)
• United States
26 Feb 07
I have gone and done something like this myself and when i relized it i put a big i'm so sorry that i did this and i wasn't thinking right. I had a brain fart. LOL it was really funny. After i put my apoligy in i then gave a good response to the topic. I felt so foolish and i guess at that moment i lived up to being a blond. I don't think that the person felt to bad after wards though. I don't remember what the topic was that i had done this to. I've responded to so many of them that i sometimes forget just what i've responded to.
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@meoasis (720)
• Nepal
27 Feb 07
now i am very much conscious while posting and responding i had reponed the particular post 2 months ago and still it makes me laugh at myself