which is your favourite

February 26, 2007 7:44am CST
among matrix series which one is the best
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@ma_belle (1357)
• United States
7 Jun 07
I've seen all three. However, I only think the first one is really good. The others were a bit out there, and even got a bit boring.
• India
16 Mar 07
I like second part the most ...
• India
4 Mar 07
Surely the first one is the best of them all. I like all three but my favourite is the first one, not by much though. There were many more exciting thrills and suspense revealers in the first movie than the last two of the matrix series. But finally all three turned out to be one of their own kind and really made a mark. The Matrix set the mark real high and showed what good and best movies are like, i really love it and have seen it over and over again and i'm sure many others have the same view. I hope more quality movies are made like The Matrix.
• Pakistan
27 Feb 07
id say part one is THE BEST ... it was the ultimate part ... the story was pretty amazing totally out of the dark ... part 2 was also good ... it was a seeing it again experience ... but part 3 totally sucked ... although the as a movie it was goog but not as a matrix sequal ... and the story was bogus ... PEACE !!!
3 Mar 07
my best would probably be the first one. Even though its close beween one and two i feel one really made atrix what is it. Two was good because of the action but went wrong wih the storyline in my opinion. Three was just awful it really ruined what could have been a geat trilogy especially with the ending what was that all about.
• Romania
14 Mar 07
First part was the best.Since then i didn't see any kind of movie like MATRIX.Was a new experience.It was a cutting age movie.Like today is 300.
@ArsonCuff (3114)
• United States
27 Feb 07
The first one was the best for me...then the third one...the second one..they just tried to go too deep and thinky thinky
@nehaaaa (1748)
• India
26 Feb 07
i havent seen any of them
@aaroux3 (110)
• Philippines
26 Feb 07
the first one, coz its less complicated than the others.. also, finding if neo is really the "one" is exciting..
@v_kirk08 (89)
• United States
26 Feb 07
it would have to be the first. because it wasnt tainted by the likes of cash and awesome special effects. i was really displeased with the rest of the trilogy because of that. i mean, none of the questions were answered in the end