Why is my weight not shifting!

February 26, 2007 8:34am CST
Arrrrrrr frustration i put on weight with my first child 5 years ago and since had another 2 years ago but im struggling to shift anymore than i have already ive tried weight watchers and i cant attend classes anymore as i have to take my daughter to school and i dont drive and my son got bored and i try to walk as much as possible im really bloated too and i thought a while back that it could be due to polisystic overies (sorry about the spelling) but my dr just said oooow no you dont have hair growth i do how ever have the other symptoms i really dont know what to do i tried slimming pills but was told to stop taking them when i started getting pannick attacks a few monts ago ive also tried doing weight watchers from home an hey presto A BIG FAT NOTHING! please help if you can xx
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26 Feb 07
in my profile you will find a few webs , for ideas on loosing weihgt i hope this help you
26 Feb 07
thanks i'll take a look x
15 May 07
maybe the food youre eating is playing with your hormones like you have a hormonal imbalance or a thyroid problem if you change your diet and eat a balanced diet maybe youll notice the difference you could be allergic to milk or dairy products - so id recommend not to eat anything dairy, or caffeine and cut out sugars, dont use the slimmer sugars either just substitute with fruit sugars. im quite young but when i was 16 i had a thyroid problem and headaches and i bloated out aswell and put on weight i dont eat dairy products now or anything with sugars as the doctor said it might have been a reaction to my thyroid problem i dont have headaches either some weight watchers diets can be bad aswell as they use a lot of artificial sweeteners and products and if youre allergic then that could be why youre bloated as all your body bloats out so you think youre fatter common allergy signs i can think of are tiredness, bloated stomach, itches, rashes,stomach pain thats all i can think of ive got some free exercise tips at http://www.blogchex.com/urbancitycrew